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{ Ariane + David = Forever }

{ Ariane + David = Forever }

 So its so crazy how things work out, and it just so happened to work out great when I literally stumbled into meeting this adorable couple who was in need for a photographer for thier upcoming wedding… I have to say they put a lot of trust in me to share their special day with them, and it was such a privledge to have been able to capture some truly magical moments with them, thier friends, and family!  Thanks guys, AND  a I wish you all the luck in your big move to the Golden State… living the beach life is never a bad thing 😀 


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  1. Cathy this is absolutely wonderful! You did such an amazing job, we were very lucky to find you! Thank you for everything!
    Ariane and David

    • AHHHH thank you that means more than you know!! I hope you are enjoying the new atmosphere and wish you guys the best!!! When you come back to visit and want pics give me a buzz! 😀


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