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Thanks for coming to visit and  PLEASE poke around…I hope that you enjoy what you see, and think of me for all of your photgraphy needs. My name is Cathy Jackson, I am origninally from Arizona, born and raised which is very rare!  While I do occasionally miss the desert the beauty of seeing four seasons has really changed my perspective.  How we  found ourselves here in Virginia is because my husband and I got the opportunity to explore how the other side of the country lives through his job, which is what had lead us to country living!  I put my teaching career on hold to raise are two children and will forever be grateful for my husband who works very hard to make it possible for me to be home and create the setting we wish for our children while they are young.  This is where a new chapter in my life begins… while I have been enjoying every minute of watching my “littles” grow into the little beings they are becoming, I also realized that photographing them had become more than just a hobby. 

Which is what may have lead you to my blog…for the past year,  Families have been entrusting me to capture some beautiful family moments and I hope that you too can see it as well and think of me when you are in need for family photography.  I thrive off of natural light and really enjoy capture the outside beauty that our world has provided, but I also have backdrop and props to use indoors, in which come in handy for newborn sessions

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